Broaden The Path:
Practice Beyond the Movements

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The magic of Taiji and Qigong is found deep in the philosophies they were born from. One of those philosophies is the Five Elements.

The Five Elements are intuitive guides for life witnessed and was honored long ago. This philosophy, rooted in the rhythm of nature, shows us how to maintain a balanced, thriving life! It shows us the path away from depression and anger, overdoing and underdoing, and into presence, peace, and equanimity. It truly is that powerful.

There are 5 Elements that match with the seasons we live through in a year, but also the rhythm in our lives. Spring is the Element of Wood. This is the gentle turn toward brightening energy, a spark after a long, quiet winter. It's like the seed of winter sprouting in the springtime! This is the time for planning, seeing what comes of the potential we cultivated during our winter hibernation! The Wood element represents upward growth, planning, decision making, and sometimes frustration and anger.

This is a journey into creating balance in the characteristics that the Element of Wood draws into our lives: releasing pain and stiffness in joints, being able to see potential in our future with a curve of a smile at the heart, balancing 'being' with 'doing', easing our frustration when forcing things to happen to simply practice leaning into trusting the path will appear without aggression.

You'll come with me through an exploration behind the eastern philosophies that deeply link to our practices - but are overlooked due to our overfocus on the physical movements.

In this first course, we will begin by exploring the broader philosophies that become fluid guides in daily life. You'll learn deeper techniques for sensing qi, discover how our Western view of the nervous system deeply links to Yin Yang Theory, and explore meridians and acupressure points that link to the elements they represent. 

During this month-long session,  you'll learn the Wood Element's perspective on:

  • Stress, Trauma, and Healing: the Liver Organ System and our Polyvagal Nervous System - How we can use the gifts of the elements to build a relationship with our bodies to respond to stress in a way that keeps us centered and calm in the chaos.
  • Anger and Assertiveness - The element of Wood teaches us that we own and occupy our space! And it's a good space! It teaches us to soften the brick walls we may have built around us, and to strengthen our boundaries if we've become a doormat to others.  
  • Hun - Our Soul - The Liver Organ System is the seat to our Soul, the Hun. Each of the elements has a soul or spirit and the Hun is the closest to the Western idea of soul. Learn how to tap into listening to the guidance of your Hun voice which is a great guide in all times.
  • Sensing and Directing Qi - Learn practices to enhance awareness of your internal qi highways to help clear stagnation and direct flow.
  • Acupressure - You'll learn important acupressure points within the Liver Organ System to keep the flow of qi moving in the body. You'll also learn points that directly help ailments in the body affected by an imbalance of Wood energy.

ALL COURSE MATERIAL - All course material will be online for review and access after our live sessions together for 3 months

  • Videos of weekly presentations
  • Acupressure and meridian theory recordings
  • Acupressure point location videos
  • Meditations
  • Reading materials
  • Qi practices and information

Join me

Join me and a community of folks who are layering the philosophy behind taiji and qigong into our daily lives. You'll learn, laugh, experience and share during this 4-week course!

April 3rd - 24th 
12:00-2:00 ET
10:00-12:00 MT
9:00-11:00 PT

Plus TWO private 30-minutes sessions with Lucy for deeper learning.
This is a live course via Zoom with online access to all information as an online course


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What are these Elements?

At first glance, the elements in this theory seem to have little to do with our humanness, but the innate intelligence and poetry of this calls to the roots of our own existence.

Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal are the five phases or elements that represent a day, year, lifetime and teach us about our own internal health as it relates to the universe. 

The Phases and Our Taiji

These phases give us clues to the balance in our lives. They show where we have stagnation in our bodies and lives because they reflect back to us when we are pushing too hard, (like at work) or when we are saying yes too often. Or when we're stuck trying to hard to make something in our lives different instead of allowing the situation to unfold.

They educate us to keep our lives in balance and when we don't, teach us how to get back to center.

These also appear in our taiji form. In the places we have pause. Where we lose our balance or get caught in trying too hard, or not hard enough.

Join me to explore the inner working of this philosophy and how it appears in our own lives helping us to create balance, resiliency, and peace.

Join me

Join me and a community of folks who are layering the philosophy behind taiji into our daily lives. You'll learn, laugh, experience and share during this month-long course!

Saturdays, April 3rd-24th
12p-2p ET
10-12p MT
9-11p PT

Plus, recieve TWO 30-minute private sessions with Lucy for deeper learning.
This is an Online Course via Zoom


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