Elemental Healing: Guang Ping Yang Taijiquan and the 5 Elements

The Five Elements or Phases guide us to live a balanced lifestyle by teaching us that we aren't separate from the rhythms of nature that surround us but part of that rhythm and need to be in tune with it.

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What are these Elements?

At first glance, the elements in this theory seem to have little to do with our humanness, but the innate intelligence and poetry of this calls to the roots of our own existence.

Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal are the five phases or elements that represent a day, year, lifetime and teach us about our own internal health as it relates to the universe.


A simple way of looking at the five elements is comparing it to a live show or concert.

We begin with the phase of Water where we sit in quietude just as we gather inside more in the wintertime. This is a time of incubation. Ideas form. And soon, the Wood element rises like spring erupts from the earth. The planning for the concert begins. Practice, development, organizing, marketing is all Wood element. The day of the show the planning has to be complete, it blossoms and celebrates! When complete, we begin to disassemble the stage, learn from our experience, and take them forward to the stage of Metal and Autumn. A time of listening, being with the breath. Looking over our year and noticing each lesson. Finally, we return to water to incubate whatever is ready to come.

The Phases and Our Taiji

These phases give us clues to the balance in our lives. They show where we have stagnation in our bodies and lives because they reflect back to us when we are pushing too hard, (like at work) or when we are saying yes too often. Or when we're stuck trying to hard to make something in our lives different instead of allowing the situation to unfold.


They educate us to keep our lives in balance and when we don't, teach us how to get back to center.

These also appear in our taiji form. In the places we have pause. Where we lose our balance or get caught in trying too hard, or not hard enough.

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