Learn the ONE simple foundation to

Taiji For Balance

In this introductory 2 ½ hour workshop we will discover and uncover the one simple foundational principle in Taiji that is
key to maintaining balance within our lives. 

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In this workshop you will learn

PHILOSOPHY:  We start with a quick, focused look into the philosophy of the foundational principle, which is the root to Taiji practice.

PHYSICAL CONCEPTS: Our time in this workshop will focus on the physical center. You will learn 2 major physical concepts that will center you and create an effortless flow within the body. These concepts are part of every Taiji practice in any form.

LEARN AND PRACTICE FORM: Then it’s time to practice! These movements open the door to this ancient art and give us a foundation. We will slowly practice the movements that are available in the time we have. 

QUESTIONS/ANSWERS: After practice, there will be a break for questions and I will be available to watch and provide feedback to those who wish to have it. 

REVIEW AND PRACTICE: After the question and answer period, we’ll review the basic movements to deepen your physical awareness of where movement is rooted in Taiji.

CLOSING: I will leave some time for questions, answers, and options for future workshops and registration series.

LIFETIME ACCESS* - You will have access to this workshop forever. If you want to read the legal terms about this you can find my Terms And Conditions page on my website! And you are always welcome to just ask.


Who This Workshop

Is Not For


  • This workshop is not for those who want to learn an entire form in 2.5 hours. You will not learn the entire form. 
  • This workshop is not for those who don't want to delve into the overall healing aspects of taiji.

  • Though we attend to the martial roots, this is not for those who only want to learn taiji as a martial art.

This workshop is a great foundational class. It is also good for those who have tried Taiji but never stuck with it.

Finally, Taiji is a lifelong practice. I learn something new every time I practice. I’m amazed and in awe by it. With that said, seasoned practitioners of this form will gain from this workshop as well.

After learning, practicing and feeling the physical flow of the movements, the other aspects of this incredible art begin to rise to the surface and tug at our curiosity. Certain physical sensations begin to show their connection to other aspects of things going on in our lives. That’s when we know awareness has begun to build! That’s when we know our path has opened up and we can have the foundation of the movements supporting our journey into real healing.


*Because so many people have questions about what “Lifetime Access” means (generally not with a workshop but when purchasing a course) I’ve described it on my website under my “Terms and Conditions.” Please feel free to read through or contact me with any questions!

Join me in June

The basic principle we'll cover affects our overall wellness: physical, emotional, and mental. These three (mental, emotional, physical) are the foundation to life balance. They are tethered to your center and can pull and uproot if we aren't rooted in this simple foundation you will learn, practice and embody.

Can't wait to see you there!

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