Qigong is energy work. 


It is a practice that settles, stretches and stimulates the body, quiets the mind, and brings the emotions to a neutral state. This brings us back to the essence of who we are, so the body, mind, emotions are guiding us, not leading us.


How do you even pronounce that?

It's as if you were going to say cheese, but dropped the "s." And gong is generally pronounced exactly the way you would think. So, it's Chee Gong.

You'll find many different spellings due to the translations over the course of time. Just as Tai Chi and Taiji are the same things, just a different translation from different times. 

So, what is "energy work"? Why does it always seem so mysterious? It really isn't. Energy is what animates us.

We eat food, we gain energy. Think about how you feel when you haven't eaten in a long time. Ready for that marathon?
We drink water, it carries minerals and the liquid nourishes us giving us energy. When we are dry to the bone, we don't feel as energetic as when we have ample fluids in our bodies.
The air we breathe gives us the oxygen energy we need to survive. We really can't go very long without air, water, or food nourishment.
Finally, the relationships we have - with ourselves and others - gives us energy. Just think about how you were stimulated or deflated by relationships in your life.

That's all qi.

What you'll learn from this program is a little more about the energy body in reference to the practice of Qigong. You'll learn how to use your tools (yes, you have them!) to harmonize and balance the energy you bring into your life. This sounds so simple: eat well, drink good fluids, breathe fresh air, surround yourself with great relationships. If we could all do that at all times, we'd be so balanced. But, let's be real: candy bars exist. We drink liquids that aren't always the best. We don't choose our family, the people we work with, or our neighbors for the most part. And at very young ages, we learn habits, beliefs, behaviors that don't always support those simple guidelines.

Bottom line: we're human. We mess up.

Qigong is a great tool to help bring us back into harmony, balance.  It teaches us to use the tools we have (body, mind, emotions) as advisors. We listen to them (so that the essence or spirit of who we are lives a long, rich life. In our western world it amounts to this: 

1. Building awareness of our physical, emotional, and mental centers. This is a key teaching that is pivotal in truly using the practice of Qigong to benefit energy flow. So much energy stagnates due to our mental, emotional and physical states not being in balance.

2. As we build the awareness of these centers (also called dantians) we learn to be advised by them, rather than led by them. We practice being led by our sage voice, or, what I call the Essence of who we are. 

3. Cultivating a smooth flow in and around our lives due to our practice that doesn't just rest on physical movements, but the whole of being human. This includes the rich states of emotion and thought, which aren't to be dismissed or controlled. They are to be witnessed as guides that can bring us much deeper wisdom about our own experiences.

4. Using the tools of Qigong to bring our mental, physical and emotional states into balance when we notice them begin to whirl.

5. Stretching and strengthening the body so that while we are on this earth, we treat the body we have with respect and kindness listening to what the body needs. It never lies.

I want to learn!

There are THREE ways to learn Qigong through Shift With Lucy. One is to purchase the online course. You will have access to the course 24/7 for the rest of your life.

The other is to become a Member of Shift with Lucy and have access to all courses including Qigong, Taiji, Meditation, as well as select Workshops and Classes.

The third is to take live Zoom classes with me. I offer 8-week classes through The Ohio State University. Here is a link to their current schedule.

Qigong or Taiji?

Well, you might ask what's the difference between taiji and qigong?

Great question. 

Yes. Both do very similar things.

Here's the difference between the two I teach. I teach a simple version of Qigong called Baduanjin or 8 Pieces of Brocade. It is a physically accessible practice so that we can begin to dive into the subtle sensing and cultivating energy to bring some balance to our lives straight away. The focus in my teaching is sensing the fluidity and subtle energy body.

The form of Taiji I teach is very nuanced and complex to master physically. Due to this, it takes most people longer to learn and understand the complexity of taiji when compared to simpler forms of Qigong. Due to the nuanced movements, there is a great physical depth that Taiji reaches. While focusing on perfecting the postures, students aren't able to concentrate on the more subtle energy layers which come after fluid knowledge of the forms. Qi is certainly cultivated in taiji, as well as memory, proprioception, equilibrioception, and our neurological system. 

Both practices take more than a lifetime to explore. It takes deep dedication for both practices, but I believe the Guang Ping Yang or Taiji For Balance (based on Guang Ping Yang) forms I teach are physically more challenging to learn than Baduanjin Qigong. 

Both are lifelong practices that reveal gifts continually.


My monthly membership reduces the upfront cost of Taiji, Qigong, and Meditation courses and gives you monthly access to all of the courses I offer including select workshops, classes, and specials.

Monthly membership is $39.95 but the first month is free so that you have a chance to see if these programs are for you.

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Sometimes you just know what you want to focus on. That's why we offer a simple program for learning a course at a time. 

With Over 35 lessons covering History, Fundamentals of movement, Theory, Energy (Qi), Breath Work, Printable PDFs, and Multi-angled videos for each of the 8 movements, you will build a foundation of knowledge for a lifetime of practice.

This course is available with 24/7 lifetime access.

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This is a great place to join with others who are putting a mindful shift into their lives. In the Shift With Lucy Community, we explore how all of these mindful practices like Taiji, Qigong, Meditation, are not limited to the room in which you practice. The energy of these practices generates out into the rest of your life building sage, centered people walking the earth. 

There is no cost to join this Community! Hope to see you there.

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If you know you'd like to learn Qigong, but you're also curious about taiji, learn more about the online course here.

This is a course with over 60 lessons, printables, presentations, meditations, and so much more. 

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