Our Online Taiji For Balance is Live!

Do you long for time and space in your life?

Release the noise, the overwhelm,

the mountain of too much.

I'll show you how taiji and qigong drop the mountain and climb on top.

I certainly did.

I'm wondering if you've felt this way:

- Rushing from moment to moment to make ends meet?
- Unable to stop your brain's stream of thoughts?
- Feeling worthless because you "should" be able to handle it all? 
- Feeling angry and frustrated with the unending scroll of things that are added to your list? 
- Snapping at those around you because you don't have the time to respond in caring ways?
- Feeling resentment because of the lack of support around you?

This is the mountain of too much. And It's too much to carry. 

Let go and climb above.

Need a quick practice to release frustration and anger? This easy guide to letting go is a must-have and it's free. I'll send it over to you now.


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Join us for our live presentations every Tuesday with short practices, the latest studies and information, and philosophy on taiji, qigong, yoga and more.

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My name is Lucy. And over 20 years ago, Taiji saved my life.

It shifted my perspective and brought awareness, clarity, and love. I am forever grateful.

I now teach these practices to anyone longing for genuine openness, ease, and a fulfilling life.

My guided meditations, easy to follow videos, understandable philosophy will gently shift you away from anger and guilt, releasing behavior that no longer serves you.

Taiji For Balance: Learn More

“Lucy Bartimole changed my life. I initially came to Shift to work with Lucy for the physical benefits of tai chi, specifically balance and strength - both of which have increased over the past 3 years. However, along the way, I really began to learn and appreciate the other aspects of tai chi, specifically the mental and emotional aspects of tai chi. Learning how to pay attention to my breathing and listening my body has brought me mindfulness, an ability to choose to react (or not), and a sense of peace and connectedness to the world.”

-Mary Jo Burkhardt


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