Free Elemental Healing Workshop with Taiji Membership ($20) Saturday September 26th

Life in Balance

Release the tension. Quiet the mind. Soften the emotions.
Live from your center.

These ancient practices create space for your spirit to thrive

Have you felt this way:

  • you're tasks or job is the center of your life.
  • that you have no feeling of purpose or that you've lost a lot of the joy you used to feel
  • that your spark and curiosity are missing
  • over emotional or a lack of emotional connection?
  • feeling chronic tension in places and flaccidity in others
  • tired, irritated and done.

I felt all of this. 

And you can read more of my story here

But even better, I'd love you to try the practice of Taiji and see if you notice your own shift.

Here's how this practice drops you right into the center of your life. Try this movement with me. Notice the subtle shift that takes place. If you can do it in this short video, you can do it in the rest of your life.


My name is Lucy. And over 20 years ago, Taiji saved my life.

It shifted my perspective and brought awareness, clarity, and love. I am forever grateful.

I now teach these practices to anyone longing for genuine openness, ease, and a fulfilling life.

My guided meditations, easy to follow videos, understandable philosophy will gently shift you away from anger and guilt, releasing behavior that no longer serves you.

Taiji For Balance: Learn More

Coming Up at Shift With Lucy


Dive into this practice with over 60 lessons, videos, presentations, PDFs, meditations that all guide you through a learning journey that will center you physically, emotionally and mentally. The real path to a balanced, fulfilled life.



Join me for a deep look at the healing wisdom of taiji through the 5 Elements (or Phases).

Saturday, Sept 26
9am PT - Noon ET
Online through Zoom

I am so excited about this workshop because it delves into what really interests me about taiji and it's healing benefits! What are the five elements and how do they relate to your practice?

FREE but you must become a 2020 member ($20) of the Guang Ping Yang Taijiquan Association.

Learn more here!


Fall classes taught by myself and my certified instructors are being hosted by the Center For Integrated Medicine at the Outpatient Clinic on Zollinger Road in Columbus.


QiGong with Michael
Mon 6p-7p
Sept 21 - Nov 9

Taiji for Balance with Lori 
Wed 5p-6p
Sept 23 - Nov 11

Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi with Lucy
Wed 6p-7p
Sept 23 - Nov 11

“Lucy Bartimole changed my life. I initially came to Shift to work with Lucy for the physical benefits of tai chi, specifically balance and strength - both of which have increased over the past 3 years. However, along the way, I really began to learn and appreciate the other aspects of tai chi, specifically the mental and emotional aspects of tai chi. Learning how to pay attention to my breathing and listening my body has brought me mindfulness, an ability to choose to react (or not), and a sense of peace and connectedness to the world.”

-Mary Jo Burkhardt

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