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My Membership Program includes access to ALL courses including Qigong, Taiji, Meditation, special Workshops and Classes for a monthly fee of $39.95

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When I began Shift in 2012, I really didn't have an idea the seed that was being planted.

I am starting to see it now.

Taiji shifted my life. It taught me the true sense of letting go. Of moving from stillness - physically, emotionally and mentally.

It showed me where my sage center was.

In deeply challenging times, I felt myself drifting from that center... but the Shift with Lucy community kept me accountable. And it was the community that helped me water that seed, care for it and let it grow. And it has.

From my first online course of Taiji For Balance: Level 1, I have developed online courses for Level 2, Teacher Trainings, Qigong and Meditation. Yoga is also in the development stages. 

And it's all because of people who want to experience this kind of a journey.

People like Mary Jo Burkhardt.

"Lucy Bartimole changed my life. I initially came to Shift to work with Lucy for the physical benefits of tai chi, specifically balance and strength - both of which have increased over the past 3 years. However, along the way, I really began to learn and appreciate the other aspects of tai chi, specifically the mental and emotional aspects of tai chi. Learning how to pay attention to my breathing and listening my body has brought me mindfulness, an ability to choose to react (or not), and a sense of peace and connectedness to the world. "

MaryJo Burkhardt
The Ohio State University Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty and Student Affairs, Inclusive Diversity and Planning

Shifts similar to MaryJo's come from many different places. Sometimes is a desperate need for a change. Other times it is a sudden insight that creates such curiosity that one simply has to begin. And sometimes it has been an ache for years and the time has finally arrived. And yet others are listening to an inner guide.

What is the journey? For each of us it comes down to a sense of peace and flow in our lives no matter the chaos that might be swirling. This is the simple gift of mindful movement practices. They keep us very aware that the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of us are interdependent. What we do to center ourselves physically, has an effect on our emotional and mental health. If we aren't caring for our emotional health, our minds and bodies suffer. If we are in a state of reacting to the constant commentary of a busy mind, our emotional and physical wellness suffers.

These practices teach us to release the stories that no longer serve us and attend to writing new ones that do. They keep us accountable to the health and wellness of our beings, not just our physical bodies.

This is how I teach.

I teach to the whole you. 

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You can sign up and try our Membership Program for 30 days. You'll have full access to over 120 lessons in Taiji, Qigong and Meditation, as well as Workshops and Classes. These aren't stagnant! Offerings will continue to increase as the products grow. $39.95 per month with 30 Days Free

Shift With Lucy Membership Program

Taiji, Qigong, Meditation, Workshops - Here's what is included:

Our Membership Program includes access to all of the current offerings. Those include all of the lessons in all of the offerings whether Taiji, Qigong, Meditation or select Workshops and Classes.

Taiji For Balance

Taiji For Balance Level 1 - over 60 lessons with videos, meditations, presentations, pdfs - loaded with hours of great information. You'll learn the first 8 movements of this form in great detail and have access to them at any time of the day or night so it fits in with your schedule.

Taiji For Balance Level 2 - Learn the next 8 movements of this qi flowing form with the same great detailed videos. This course is also loaded with important information on warmups, body mechanics, postures and deepening meditations.


Baduanjin - Also known as The 8 Pieces of Brocade, Baduanjin is the fine fabric that will weave through your life. The detailed videos will encourage you to listen to your body, build quiet resiliency and find openings to the tight places in your body and in your life. The postures are just the beginning.


Meditation - I offer 4 different kinds of meditation that build your practice of stillness in movement. 

Guided imagery, Essence (my signature philosophy that is threaded through every practice), Insight and Awareness meditation styles are all included. Each one has a purpose, and all combine to help us maintain balance in all aspects of our lives.

Workshops and Classes

Workshops - Video access to some of the online workshops I offer will be available. Some of these include workshops specifically about Qigong, Taiji, or Meditation, while others dive into philosophy and life shifting experiences.


This membership is built to be a home to your mindful movement. A reminder and a boost to keep centered and rooted in the rich experiences of your life. And to share those experiences so that others can learn from your perspective and adventures weaving these ancient ways of life into your current one.


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My Membership Program is $39.95 per month but we give you the first 30 days free to check it out. If you don't think the products are for you, you can cancel within the 30 days and you won't be charged.


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