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Essential Oils For The Liver

May 21, 2019

How can essential oils that you rub onto the skin affect the liver? Gently and easily!

When you massage these essential oils onto the skin it's drawn into the body and the bloodstream. Always use a carrier oil like coconut, jojoba, grapeseed, sweet almond to name a few. Pure essential oils can irritate the skin. The blood flows through the liver and the liver is gently stimulated, supported and even cleared by the chemical components of these natural essential oils.

Essential oils have a lot of different therapeutic qualities that the liver is able to recognize. These assist the body, supporting the immune system, digestive system, endocrine system, and help remove toxins that are floating around.

The interesting thing is that every organ has emotional ties to it.

The liver is deeply affected by kindness and anger. In our culture, anger is generally seen as "bad" and kindness as "good." But we really need a balance. Frustration and anger are part of life. So is kindness and peace. But when you have too much kindness and peace, you lose your boundaries.

You allow others to take advantage of your time, energy. You can lose your voice by always agreeing - even when you disagree. When you have too much or you have little flexibility, you encroach on others' boundaries. You overstep, you push people away. Extended anger makes you get ahead regardless of the impact.

The liver is the organ that keeps energy moving in the body - it circulates and ensures the smooth movement of qi through the body. These strong emotions hinder the liver's ability to balance the body's qi. When you’re constantly angry or frustrated - or a pushover, only caring to please others - your liver is out of balance and can't extend vital qi to the body. You may feel tired, forgetful, or a foggy memory, weary. When the liver qi is stagnant some people feel heart palpitations or even frightfulness. You may have insomnia - and if you do sleep you may have nightmares. Physically your complexion is lusterless, your lips may take on a more pale color and your nails may also look pale. Nails with double, horizontal white lines visible across your fingernails is another sign of liver stagnation. This usually takes place when your body does not get enough albumin, an essential protein in the blood produced in your liver.


For Lowering Anger

First of all, know your anger. Is it because you’ve been around negativity?  Bergamot and sweet orange lift spirits, so if you find yourself angry due to negativity these are good choices.  Is it due to a busy mind that is creating story after story building your emotional state? Ylang ylang and lavender are great calmers. So if you’re head is whirling, give one of those a good sniff. They have a bit of a sedative effect. If the source of your anger is unknown and you’re looking to stabilize it, reach for basil and frankincense. They are grounding, and truly help stabilize mood.

Any of these used in an aroma lamp during meditation or exercise can help build Qi.

We are using a blend this month at Shift to tonify the liver called “Spring.” Here’s the recipe for a diffuser:


  1. Rosemary (eases stress) - Rosemarinus officinalis 5 drops
  2. Sweet Orange - Citrus sinensis 5 drops
  3. Ylang Ylang - Cananga odorata 3 drops


Natural Support For Insomnia
If you're having issues sleeping, try marjoram, lavender, neroli, orange, chamomile, sandalwood or rose. Smell them and see which fragrance pleases you. Place 3-5 drops in a tablespoon of jojoba oil and add it to a warm bath. You can even boost this by adding a ½ cup of Epsom salts. They're really good in alleviating fearfulness, insomnia, and are great for preparing the body for a good sleep.

The liver is a yin organ and needs to recharge. It needs a quiet body and mind to do its work, so it is important to support the wood element by getting to sleep before 11 p.m. so the liver can rest and replenish its energy.

The importance of caring for the liver is real. We’ll never stop ourselves from feeling anger or kindness in all its forms. And really, thank goodness! How boring would life be without emotions? But maintaining a balance by expressing ourselves is vital. When we can’t express ourselves fully, because that happens, it’s time for some self-care and essential oils along with a taiji or qigong practice bring us back to balance.

Want to build a practice that will support your liver and all of the other important organs of the body? Check our online Taiji For Balance course and learn the benefits of this ancient practice, from relieving physical pain to lifting depression and anxiety.


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