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4 Ways to Ignite Your Spark to a Flame of Energy

Jul 29, 2019

So, it's been a crazy busy time. You're feeling spent, energyless and ready to fizzle.  And yet, you're expected to push through more.

We've all allowed ourselves to be pushed to the place where we feel completely done.

That's where the power of Peng comes in.

Never heard of it? Peng is the name of an energy in Taiji and Qigong practice that is spoken of in terms of self-defense, but it's such a limited way of looking at it and using it.  Peng maintains the pffhtt of a spark and sets the flame.

We cultivate it with the breath and with mindful intention.


Peng is outward expanding energy

So, let's start.

Peng, in very simple martial arts terms, helps us bounce away an opponent. 

But, if we were to expand out and notice how this energy can apply in our lives, it's fascinating and much more applicable to life.

For instance, when we only have a spark of energy it can show up as follows:

  1. Not wanting to get out of bed
  2. Needing caffeine to keep going during the day
  3. Reacting strongly to small irritations
  4. Poor eating - sometimes due to lack of energy or time

This happens to us all. It's when it becomes our new 'pattern of living' that is troublesome.

What happens when we're already at this state of not eating well, reacting strongly to small irritants, caffeine overuse, hating mornings and we become more depleted because we haven't brought ourselves back to balance? 

The cycle deepens. And that becomes the new normal we live in.

That's where the power of taiji and qigong helps. Taiji For Balance practice builds our awareness of the signs to sense so that we can maintain our center. Or, even build from where we are to lift ourselves from living in a depressed or irritated state.

Cultivating peng taps us into our inner spark and build a sense of ease and joy, building the inner fire of balance when we're depleted. 


Peng, which is outward, expanding energy. Peng helps you maintain a spark. We cultivate it with the breath and with mindful intention.

When you're down, notice the thoughts cultivating in your mind and notice the patterns of breathing you drop into. As you notice, be curious! Are the thoughts and breathing patterns helping you lift or swirling you down deeper?

Want a quick effective practice for building Peng? Check out my Try Taiji video. 

I've also been focusing my Live Take10Tuesday videos on Peng this months, so don't miss them. They're every Tuesday so sign up for the reminder to watch.

Build your awareness of the power of peng!

Here's the first: for those who feel their minds are uncontrollably whirling with negativity: Beating Yourself Up Mentally?

And for those who are just feeling the weight of depressive or strong irritation: What's Got You Down? Get Back To Balance With Peng!

You've got the spark, here's the stuff to fuel the fire!


Try this quick video

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