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Introverts Unite! (But please, separately in your own homes)

Jul 07, 2019

Summer!! Ahhh! Such a great time!

Sun! Flowers blooming! Vegetable gardens producing! Vacation! Celebrations! Outdoors! 

And for those who are introverts: Overwhelm moving toward depressed. Just for those who feel overwhelmed: here's a recipe just for you.




Massage your blend into your skin just taking some time to notice, breath and care for yourself. If you massage this while creating a calm atmosphere for your mental and emotional centers, your body will respond with great appreciation!

 Essential oils help the body to cope - they don't solve the issue of feeling overwhelm. Using your intention (yi, in taiji theory) is major. So take some time and give yourself this needed time to pause and nurture. It's so important for life balance.

Are you interested in life balance? We have a great online course in taiji if you're interested. Try out a free movement here: Try Taiji Video  


Try this quick video

Tell us where to send the link and then try this gentle movement during a quiet moment you carve out for yourself.