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How to feel your authenticity - and live from it

Jun 13, 2019

How do you answer: Who are you?

Do you say your name? Tell about your job, career? Parent? Husband? Daughter? Hobbies? Interests? Explain where you're from?  

And they're necessary, right? How else are you going to introduce yourself to someone? 

But after years of describing ourselves, we begin to slowly think that these labels are really us. They become more important for us to uphold and show to the world than who we really are. They begin to cover our authentic selves.  


..labels become more important for us to uphold and show to the world than our authentic self...

And we begin walking around trying to meet the demands of these labels.

I'm successful. I have a Ph.D. I'm an artist. I'm a parent of an athlete. I'm poor. I'm always helping others. I'm a master gardener. I'm an energy worker.
We wear some of these labels as badges of pride, doing everything to hold on to them.
Others, we try to hide, push away from, cover up.
I don't have an addiction. I'm not filing for bankruptcy. I'm not emotional. I'm not selfish.
These labels cover up our authenticity, the essence of who we are. Letting go of all of the labels - is a freeing practice that helps balance our emotional, mental and physical states. 
That balance creates internal health.
Our last two Take10 Tuesday's Live videos uncover simple practices for you to stay in your authentic self - and notice the times you identify with your labels, without judgment, or self-criticism. 

Check out this simple practice and join me every Tuesday for foundational qigong and taiji practices that bring balance to life.

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