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New Evidence: Don't Control Your Emotions 😡😭😤😍

Oct 13, 2019

The most effective way to get control of your emotions is to stop trying. This is the basic foundation of taiji and qigong. 

It begins by noticing our mood, our emotional state. And with the slow practice of taiji and qigong you'll get better and better at it.

Here's what noticing does: Imagine yourself in the last stressful situation you experienced. Maybe work is overwhelming, or family life is really tense. You're right in the thick of feeling overwhelmed or furious. You want to lash out to end the overwhelm.

It's like the picture below. Who knows what that picture represents? We're so deep into the pixels that it could be anything. Just like emotional situations. You're right in the details. Focused in on the tiny pixels of whirling thoughts, emotions and physical reactions. You zoom right into the crisis. The picture is about one thing: this situation. There is no room or space for anything else.

Enter the act of noticing. 

Noticing allows you to step back. Noticing ends the intensity of the emotion and allows you to see there are other things to notice. You see the bigger picture. You feel able to breathe. There's time and space to respond. 

Noticing steps you back from acting from your emotions. 

Noticing allows you to stay in the wise voice of your spirit and shows you the real picture:

Noticing keeps you in the wise voice you were meant to live from. It gives you a chance to see the beauty of every moment - even the ones your emotional state tries to push away.

The more you practice noticing, the more capacity you will have for being centered in your wise, intuitive spirit no matter what happens around you.

Incessant thinking, over-emotionalizing, physically acting out moves us far away from the sage people we can be.

As a culture, our sage voices are lost in a sea of chaos.

The practice of taiji and qigong allows us to put our spirit, that wise, intuitive voice, back into the driver’s seat.

If you are interested in reading the empirical evidence of mindfulness (which is the root to the practices of taiji and qigong) click the link below.

Mindfulness and Emotions

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