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Spring is coming...

Mar 14, 2019

Spring is telling.

It shows us if we allowed for Winter's stillness, listening, and absorbing.
From that Winter cultivation, Spring is the growth that naturally occurs.

When we've cultivated a rich foundation what comes through the earth from the stillness of winter grows because that's just what it does.

It feels like wonder. Like a curiosity that asks to be followed. It has no agenda, no expectations, no demanding result.


"When winter months haven't cultivated stillness,
we tend to the smaller garden that spring."


The growth that happens with the element of Spring is fortified by the rich soil we've planted it in.  But that growth and planning can get trapped in a voice that limits us.

Here are some examples:

-You quit your job! How stupid can you be? How are you going to pay bills next month?  

-You lowballed that offer on the house, you'll never have a home.

-Only you talk to your children in such an angry voice! They'll never grow up with any self-esteem.

-You will never have a solid relationship.

The egoic voice. So full of fear...

But we know that that's just a voice. It doesn't define us. We aren't stupid. We aren't going to be homeless. We aren't the only ones who yell at our kids. We will have healthy relationships.

And that's where spring, rooted in a strong foundation of winter, helps. It shows us that there are so many more options than "right or wrong", "good or bad".

How many times have you found yourself mulling over what to do about a situation because you felt you had to get it right?

That is a sign that your winter may have been stressful, chaotic, unbalanced. You may notice your spring won't feel so rooted, bright, creative, intuitive.

And that's okay.

When winter months haven't cultivated stillness, we tend to the smaller garden that spring. We care for what's there because every spring yields something different in a garden. And 'big or small' gardens aren't what we're interested in.

Tending to what is, creates the joy.


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