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Time and Tenderness

Nov 22, 2021

The Five Phases that are part of Taiji, yin yang, Daoist philosophy are a great reminder that we are interconnected with everything around us.  When we are in balance, there's a good chance harmony prevails!

When we aren't in balance, well...things can feel sticky, small, tight, emotional.

When that sensation of feeling compressed - whether it's compressed for time, or compressed emotionally, or compressed physically in the shoulders or somewhere else - those are the signals to slow down. To pause and create some time and tenderness for yourself.

And I mean it. These are the times to not react with a mouthy statement to shut conversation down. It's the time to say "Wow. I am so angry right now I have to walk away and settle."

Or, "I feel so overwhelmed and hurt I can't talk right now." 

This is what it takes to step away and incorporate the tools from the 5 Phases. This is where the Earth Phase shines because it helps us digest our experiences. It asks us to slow down and let things settle so that it can break them down into digestible pieces for our systems. Literally and figuratively.

The Earth Phase physically is represented by the Spleen and Stomach organs, both of which have a role in breaking things down - whether food or experiences.

If you feel that tightness and want to support your digestion, Spleen 6 is a great point to massage. It is a powerful point that connects with three yin meridians and anchors qi quickly. It's so powerful in anchoring, it's contraindicated for pregnant women.



 As with all acupressure, take your time, breathe, massage for a few minutes. This is a yin meridian point so use deeper pressure and move slowly.

Acupressure is always more effective when you clear your mind (or simply notice the busyness with neutrality), and notice emotions without clinging to them, and relax the body as best you can.

Spleen 6, or 3 Yin Crossing is a great tool to have when moving through the holidays. With the possibility of eating differently than we're used to, and the stress (good or not) of travel, visiting, being "on", it's a great point to spend some time with as you begin the transition to Winter!

Be good to yourself and try my Tenderness Practice or 3 Advisors Meditation when you're feeling overwhelmed. 

And Shifters? If you have Thursday and/or Friday off for Thanksgiving, I hope it is full of tenderness. 



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