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Transitioning from Winter To Spring

Mar 14, 2020

The transition from Winter to Spring is really noticeable outside, but we rarely are quiet enough to notice how it affects us inside. 

In your quiet practices of qigong or taiji, you may feel a little lighter as the cold, quiet, watchful winter (especially here in Ohio!) begins to move into a warmer, livelier and active spring!

Spring gives us a lift!  We feel it emotionally! We start looking forward to being outside whether it's simply sitting on the porch watching the world go by or exercising outdoors more often.

Mentally we begin planning - whether it's for a summer vacation or planting flowers or a garden or a new project at work. Spring is a time of inspiration!

You'll notice yourself feeling more physically active when you are balanced and spring arrives. You may want to stretch and take walks and move around and get some things going. Sitting in the quiet of still waters is over! The water is moving up and feeding the growth of wood! 

This is the transition. These are the little signs. They can feel good, and other times, when we aren't present and we're pushing ourselves too hard (forcing the Wood phase) or stagnant (stuck in the Water phase) and not able to get out of ourselves, it doesn't feel good.

So here's a good point to massage for the transition.

As you may know from previous posts or our Facebook Live videos, Yang meridians help get the qi moving. 

The Gallbladder is the yang organ for the element or phase of Wood.

Gallbladder 25 is a unique point on many levels. It is a great point for stimulating qi flow, which is helpful for transitioning out of the deep yin phase of Water.

Gallbladder 25 also supports Kidney qi which is the yin organ for the Water element! This is very cool! Wo while it enlivens the tendons and ligaments (the tissue related to the element of Wood), supports decision-making and helps to keep our vision for what is to come, it also helps us to remain settled, open and clear.

It's a great point to massage if you've been feeling anxious or are in a situation where you find yourself worrying. And a great point if you find yourself short or breath or having breathing issues.

Find GB25:

1. Place your fingertips on your spine near the low back.

2. Find where the lowest floating rib connects to the spine.

3. Slide your index finger to the end of the last floating rib. This is where GB25 lives.

4. Either pause on the point lightly with your mind's intent on easy flow as you breathe in and out or lightly massage with quick, light circling motions, again with your mind on maintaining an open flow. Open flow isn't just a physical open flow. Your mind and emotions are not stuck or stagnant either.

Support yourself during this seasonal transition. If you find yourself feeling irritable, angry and people are calling you pushy and bossy - you may be rising into spring too quickly! Don't forget the lessons of the Water element. Allow things to continue flowing without stepping in the way and trying to control. 

And if you can't seem to get the spring in your step, and you're feeling all wet, take a moment and notice what gives you joy? What can you fold into your life that creates a spark!? These are simple ways in which you can slowly shift your habits and your life to create some balance. And isn't that what it's all about?



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