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Life in Balance

Release the tension. Quiet the mind. Ease your emotions.
Live from your center.

Create space for your spirit to thrive

Have you felt this way:

  • your job or to-do list is the center of your life
  • you have no feeling of purpose or that you've lost a lot of the joy you used to feel
  • your spark and curiosity are missing
  • you feel over or under emotional and have a lack of emotional connection
  • you feel chronic tension in places and flaccidity in others
  • you are tired, irritated, and done

I felt all of this. 

And you can read more of my story here

But even better, I'd love you to try the practice of Taiji and see if you notice your own shift.

Here's how this practice drops you right into the center of your life. Try this movement with me. Notice the subtle shift that takes place. If you can do it in this short video, you can do it in the rest of your life.


A meaningful practice goes beyond the physical movement. You have to be moved in every way - physical, emotional and mental - in order for your spirit to thrive. Join me and connect to your own inner quiet and wisdom that comes from the full depth of a mindful movement practice.

Fall Virtual Qigong Class

Qigong is a powerful, simple movement practice like yoga and taiji but focuses solely on feeling content in your heart, mind, and body by getting energy moving fluidly.

Qigong balances out what is stuck and what is untethered in life by teaching us to build keen awareness of what makes us sticky! A busy mind? An aching heart? An inability to let go? Running after the next shiny object? Learn how saving, expending, hoarding, and wasting energy affects balance in life. Find what helps balance yours.

We will explore 8 simple movements, relatable acupressure points to use, and breathing techniques, all of which will guide you to feeling freer in your body and in your life.


Fall Virtual Tai Chi Classes


Join me this fall to explore the full Guang Ping Yang Taijiquan form! These are easy 30-minute drop-in classes every Wednesday and Friday.

For students who have learned Taiji 64, this is an exploration beyond the movements. Sense qi, settle the nervous system, relieve stiffness and stagnation in the body and watch it release in relationships, at work, and at home. This is the work that will open places of deep holding, and create freedom and access to joy. And as you find peace and balance in difficult postures you will begin to live those practices feeling ease and contentment in everyday life.

Wednesdays; Fridays
12:30-1:00 EST 

This practice is virtual.


WORKSHOP: TAIJI AND LONGEVITY Building Strong and Supple Connective Tissue


In this workshop, you'll learn the various kinds of connective tissue, why they are important to keep strong and supple for longevity, and how to keep them strong and supple. You will explore how to use the postures of Guang Ping Yang Taijiquan to help maintain this tissue, and learn supplemental movements and techniques to keep this tissue youthful as we age. Each of the connective tissues we will be focusing on relates to one of the 5 Elements which will give you extra insight into how lifestyle affects these tissues.

What you need:

1. Well-fitted, supportive footwear
2. Tennis ball or similar ball in size and softness
3. Comfortable clothing

SUNDAY OCT 2, 2022
10 am – 12 noon PT (1 - 3 pm ET)
You must be a member of the Guang Ping Yang Taijiquan Association to be a FREE participant.


I am now able to offer a monthly membership to all of my online courses!

Try it for free for 30 days! You won't be charged unless you stay with us.

With a monthly membership you'll have 24/7 access to Taiji For Balance - Levels 1 and 2; Baduanjin Qigong; Meditation, Select Workshops Recordings, and future courses! 



The work we do to transform our lives cannot be done alone in isolation. We are rich resources that can learn, rely and share with each other. This is what the SWL Community is all about.

This is a free-access online place to explore taiji (Tai Chi), qigong, meditation, and a special place for teachers.

I hope you join me there.



My name is Lucy. And over 20 years ago, Taiji saved my life.

It shifted my perspective and brought awareness, clarity, and love. I am forever grateful.

I now teach these practices to anyone longing for genuine openness, ease, and a fulfilling life.

My guided meditations, easy to follow videos, understandable philosophy will gently shift you away from anger and guilt, releasing behavior that no longer serves you.

Taiji For Balance: Learn More

“Lucy Bartimole changed my life. I initially came to Shift to work with Lucy for the physical benefits of tai chi, specifically balance and strength - both of which have increased over the past 3 years. However, along the way, I really began to learn and appreciate the other aspects of tai chi, specifically the mental and emotional aspects of tai chi. Learning how to pay attention to my breathing and listening my body has brought me mindfulness, an ability to choose to react (or not), and a sense of peace and connectedness to the world.”

-Mary Jo Burkhardt

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